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Welcome to Natural Family Health, your destination for holistic wellness and natural health products. Embrace a healthier lifestyle with our range of products and services.

Steam Cell Therapy

Experience the benefits of software stem cell therapy for effective treatment and tissue regeneration.


Restore you body's natural balance and alleviate pain through our chiropractic services

Nutritional Counseling

Receive personalized guidance and support for optimizing your nutritional intake and overall well-being.

Meet the team

Dr. Mark Mead

Dr. Mark Mead is a Natural Healthcare Professional

that specializes in helping those with chronic and terminal illnesses to recover their well

being and win their health care battles. He is a licensed, board-certified Chiropractor,

licensed Doctor of Indigenous Medicine and Advanced Nutrition. Doctor Mead also has

a bachelor’s in human biology and is a master herbalist. He also specializes in

Detoxification, Nutritional Therapies, NHRT, and Orthomolecular Therapies, among


He speaks on a variety of Natural Health topics some of which are: Cancer, Diabetes,

Lifestyle, Cleansing, Hydrotherapy, Heart Disease, Nutrition, Obesity, how to get well

and stay well.

Dr. Mead is co-owner of Lifetree Natural Wellness Center, in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and

Lifestyle Center in Plummer, Idaho. He is committed to an alternative approach to

healing through God’s love, wisdom and healing principals. He is passionate about

treating the underlying causes of disease rather than the symptoms and firmly believes

that “wealth is not a prerequisite to health,” and provides patients with compassionate

and affordable care.


Arthritis in both knees...had the soft wave treatment and absolutely can not believe how much better they felt after 1 treatment!

Thank you Lori, for sharing. We are so happy for you. That is great news. Please invite your friends to like our page. Let's share the healing. ☺️

Lori E.




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Office: 1034 North 3rd St., Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, 83814.

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